Tau Sigma History

Beta Theta Pi Tau Sigma chapter has a rich history that went through many changes. We were first founded at Iowa State University in 1904 with a group of outstanding men who were part of the original group called the Tri-Serps. In 1922 we moved into the house at which we still reside in.

Throughout many years the Tau Sigma chapter of Beta Theta PI was one of the strongest houses at Iowa State. We always were one of the top houses in overall GPA, and we were also extremely active within the Greek community and on campus. However, due to a number of circumstances our chapter was closed, and we lost our charter in the early 2000’s. We were able to re-colonize knowing that we had a long way ahead of us in 2006.

Since 2006 we as a colony fought hard against many obstacles to be able to re-gain our charter in the summer of 2012. After re-gaining our charter, and officially becoming a chapter of Beta theta Pi, the Tau Sigma chapter has continued to improve as a house and to once again become one of the big houses at Iowa State. Today, the chapter sits around 70 men and ranks among the top 13 biggest fraternities Iowa State University has to offer. With lifelong friendship and the tools to lead you in the right direction, why wouldn't you want to join our fraternity?